About Mercy Wellness

Calyxgreen is owned and packaged by Mercy Wellness.

Mercy Wellness

Mercy Distribution is part of the Mercy Wellness family, started in 2010 with a dispensary the size of a closet. Our grassroots history in medical marijuana is grounded in the intimacy and enthusiasm we shared with those first customers seeking legal cannabis access. With recreational access we are meeting many new customers, seeing many new products, and celebrating safe and legal cannabis for all. Our success as one of the top dispensaries in California is built on listening to our customers.

Mercy Distribution

Our expansion to distribution is result of answering the question, “how do we get the best flower products to our customers?” The answer was to find the best producers and package shortly after harvest when aromas and flavors are sweet and pungent. Our nitrogen sealed cans lock in freshness. We found that as the distance from farm to consumer grows so does the need for nitrogen sealed packaging.

We maintain a clean, safe, and compassionate work space. We only work with California licensed farmers and distributors.

Mercy Packaging Services

Our packaging process is human focused and machine assisted, not automated. That means at every step we have experienced staff guiding the process and providing real time quality control. Our positive pressure quarantine storage vault keeps your product safe until packaging. Testing services available if needed.

Our staff loves cannabis. Contact us to package your premium flower.

Mercy Virtues

At Mercy Wellness we have a program called circle of virtues. It’s designed to help us be better neighbors, better partners, and better coworkers. #MercyLove #MercyFam