Customers Appreciate Fresh Flower

Nitrogen sealed cans keep pre pack flower fresh until the customer opens the package.

Nitrogen is an odorless unreactive gas that forms about 78 percent of the earth’s atmosphere. Releasing a few drops of cold liquid nitrogen into the can flushes out the oxygen and moisture, creating an ideal environment for long term flower storage.

  • Compliant
    • Child resistant, tamper evident, FDA food grade materials
  • Convenient
    • Lightweight, crushproof, and resealable
  • Consistent
    • Flower fresh as the day it was packed
    • No spoilage or stale flower

Nitrogen sealed cans protect your brand by keeping flower fresh. This improves the customer experience and reduces returns and spoilage. You’ll have increased buying power and longer inventory shelf life.

Our wildly successful Northern California retail store was the first to feature a full selection of premium cannabis in nitrogen sealed cans and our customers love the can. If your market is premium flower, your customers will appreciate fresh flower from a can.